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May, 2017
Organic Brandy

Brandy Evening - last Thursday in May

Our next Brandy eve will be the last Thursday in May from 7pm-8.30pm and on Saturday from 4-5.30pm! Duncan will discuss with attendees about distilling brandy, eau de vie and vodka. Watch the still in action! Tastings will be included and all questions on organic distillation answered. Book now by contacting us by email. Spirit tastings with matching nibbles will be included.

Harris Organic

Autumn is here!

Duncan found this aerial picture on the web. Can you find Harris Organic in the photo? See more details about our Organic Spirits. Many thanks to the unknown photographer of our Swan Valley vineyard.
Organic Port

White Port - Back On Sale

Harris Organic is proud to announce that their certified organic white port is now available after selling out earlier in the year. Its is the only certified organic (Port ) fortified with certified organic brandy spirit, in Australia and West Australian. We call it Creme de Vin. Now available in 750 mL bottles. See more details about Organic Port at our organic shop. Many thanks to our good Organic team for supporting our Swan Valley.
 West Australian Organic

Doing Wine in the West!

Harris Organic was featured in the West Australian Organic News. See more at Aust. Organic. Many thanks to the Aust. Organic team and Louise FitzRoy for writing the article.

June, 2015
ABC TV Organic Brandy

Swan Valley on the ABC

Harris Organic was featured in the West Australian ABC Landline programme. See more at Landline. Many thanks to the ABC team and Max and Chloe who were up at dawn for the shoot.


Harris Organic